Mission and Vision


Union's mission is to build a bridge towards progress and excellence Afghanistan by promoting industrial competitiveness in the national production of goods away from the monopoly of ongoing activities, and opportunities for industry growth, the existence of the Union for its members capacity and their activities are coordinated and supported by the government and donors to provide industrial quality services for citizens.

 Background or vision.

Union established a firm commitment to industrial development in Afghanistan with effective efforts to develop products according to criteria that all Afghans have access to the payment system and quality products, operate. Union with government, donors, international and national businesses a competitive industry to reduce dependence on import of goods from abroad creates.

Union's commitment to that mission with integrity, transparency, mutual respect, positive attitude, patriotism and nationalism follow Sew side issues. Union all people equal access to quality products, regardless of race, color, sex, language, religion or political views they provide work and purpose of the union is to create a healthy environment