Strategic Plan

Strategy (guidelines) Strategic Plan
- Create strong and lasting union
- Advocacy for standards that facilitate the growth of the country
- Building the capacity and stability to member associations.

Strategic objectives for the year 2015-2020
1. Create a strong and stable AIU Union
- Create a AIU as a permanent strategic partner for national and international investors for 2017

2. The demand for standards that facilitate the growth of industry in the country.
- Advocacy for policy development incentives and industry support by the end of 2016
- Efforts of educational program for creating professional and technical engineers in the industry in 2016
- Facilitate the long-term loans (5-10) years with low interest
- Facilitating and providing much needed energy for industrial activities for all the Afghan government to break Afrvzd 2016
- That want to reduce the tariff on raw materials to 1%, as well as tariffs for all industrial products within the country enough (responsive to people's needs) production and production capacity have raised. 2016
- Strive for the development of policies and infrastructure Ankashf industrial parks (septic, electricity, water, roads and other services). 2017
- Efforts to develop a comprehensive policy and production in the country and still create norms Vstndrd imported goods at ports and customs control Kvalty Shakur to prevent import of low-quality assets into the country's past history. 2016

3. capacity building stability for members.
- The establishment of quality assurance standards to relevant institutions and 2015-2017
- Create mechanisms and facilities for the sale of products in national and international markets Cooperating stakeholders 2015-2017

Priorities for the years 2015-2017
1. Create a strong and stable AIU
- Develop and strengthen the internal system AIU office
- A plan for sustainability
- Progress AIU

2. Create capacity and stability to the AIU
- Develop an action plan to strengthen the AIU
- To improve the quality of education for members
- Attaches special value to the members of the Union